Long Hiatus

Not that anyone will ask, but I took a long hiatus from blogging because I’ve been busy. After I graduated from my bachelor degree, I became a job hunter and applied here and there for a job.

I got a position as a programmer in an airport company in Indonesia (not that anyone would ask). From there, it’s a 9-5 routine. I don’t have much to write or even willingness to write. I became boring person who does daily routine and hope for a better next day.

There are also facebook and twitter where I wrote most of my random ramblings. Usually unimportant stuffs, complaints, tales of unfortunate events, and TV and movie reviews. If I had picture to show, I could just post it on instagram. And if I finished reading a book (which was not that often) and wanted to write the review, I could just post it on goodreads (usually it was only star rating, not a full review). There was literally no motivation to write on my blog.

I did have some ideas to write but most of the time they were just ideas without my willingness to write them until finished. Yes, since smartphone era, it was getting harder for me to finish something. I was having difficulties to focus to the tasks at hand. There were a lot of distraction.

And as an attempt to get back my focus, I want to promise myself to write a blogpost at least once a month. Maybe it will mostly be daily journal but I will be happy if I can finish one post per month. I’ll try to post in English but once in a while I would also like to post in Indonesian since it is easier *crossfinger*

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