Winter in Delft

Winter is coming to the Netherlands. Well, Netherlands is always cold most of the time, with the exception of summer season. This year, however, the winter was colder and the snow was thicker.

On mid-December 2017, there was heavy snow falling across the country. As someone from a tropical country, seeing snowfall is a special phenomenon and I told myself that I had to go out to catch some pictures while the snow’s not melted yet.

These are some photos from around the centrum of Delft.

Photos above are from December. In March, spring season and the rising of temperatures are expected to come. But due to The Beast from the East, Europe was colder than the North Pole. It was a very cold winter in March. In the Netherlands, the temperatures fell to -10 degree celcius with real feel of as low as -20 degree. The canals were frozen and some people took the opportunity to play ice skating on the frozen canals. The last time the canals froze was six years ago in 2012.

This is a short clip of people skating on the canals in the Netherlands, courtesy of The Guardian. Although it is said to be taken in Amsterdam, the canal in the first 25 seconds of the clip is of Delft, with Oude Kerk visible in the background.

I took the opportunity to go around Delft to take some photos and here they are.

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